Eric Pesik has taught law school and business school in the US and Singapore

University at Buffalo School of Management, the State University of New York

University at Buffalo School of Management Executive MBA Program

Mr. Pesik recently served as Adjunct Assistant Professor adjunct professor for University at Buffalo School of Management, the State University of New York, where he taught the Executive MBA course "International Business Law, Politics, & Ethics."

The course examined issues faced by business executives in multinational corporations, and regional companies looking to expand internationally, answering the real-life question: "what do I need to know to do business here?"

The syllabus is available here.

Regent Business School with Paris Graduate School of Management

At Regent Business School, Mr. Pesik taught two courses, "Legal Environment of Business" and "Singapore Companies Law." He also taught an advanced leadership module, "Teamwork and Leadership."

Monterey College of Law

Mr. Pesik taught "Corporations and Other Business Organizations as Adjunct Professor of Law at Monterey College of Law."

This course is part of the core legal curriculum covering US federal securities laws, merger and acquisitions, shareholder lawsuits, business ethics, fiduciary duties, corporate finance, capital markets, corporate organization, alternative forms of business organizations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and privately-held close corporations